MIKARU on tour in Europe with G.L.A.M.S

May-June 2017 – A Queen of the Night Tour 2017


10 years after our first collaboration with Mikaru, we are glad to announce his tour 2017 with the project G.L.A.M.S. Gathering some ex-members of DIO and Black Line around Mikaru as the producer and leader, G.L.A.M.S is releasing a brand new album titled « A Queen of the Night ». This album will be pre-released exclusively for the upcoming European Tour and available at each show. The release party will take place in Lille, France, on May 24th. Free admission!


2nd Album
1:Forgive Me
2:Our Freak Show
3:Rainy Highway
4:Be Alone
5:Let’s Fly Away to the Stars

Exclusive EU cover & design / romaji lyrics
Made in EU


Tour dates :

WED May 24: Lille (FR), Album release party | Tetsuto’s birthday, DIY Cafe
SAT May 27 KRAKOW (PL), Magnificon
SUN May 28 BERLIN (DE), Marie-Antoinette
THU June 1 PRAGUE (CZ), Chapeau Rouge
FRI June 2 MUNICH (DE), Garage DeLuxe
SAT June 3 LYON (FR), La Marquise
SUN June 4 PARIS (FR), Le Klub
THU June 8 POZNAN (PL), Alligator
SAT June 10 DEN HAAG (NL), Animecon
SUN June 11 LIEGE (BE), Le Garage


Tickets  (Credit card / Paypal): https://highfeel.jp/events

Note: For our loyal music fans who travel all over Europe to support our artists, we are now offering our new “Season Tickets”, including access to five shows (4 regular + 1 VIP ticket, most HIGHFeeL/REALive tours included) in a year and other benefits you won’t want to miss!


HIGHFeeL is proud to announce the first tour dates of the Japanese band PLASTICZOOMS for 2017, and the international release of their new album, on January 11.

PRE-ORDER THE NEW ALBUM HERE  | Note: For our loyal music fans who travel all over Europe to support our artists, we are now offering our new “Season Tickets”, including access to five shows (4 regular + 1 VIP ticket, most HIGHFeeL/REALive tours included) in a year and other benefits you won’t want to miss!



  • FEB 18: HONG KONG (HK), Stage Dokuran – TICKETS
  • FEB 24: BERLIN (DE),  PZ&guests (Bands& DJ*), Urban Spree – TICKETS | PAYPAL
  • FEB 25: BERLIN (DE), Monarch – TICKETS (VIP & Regular) | PAYPAL
  • FEB 26: POZNAN (PL), Alligator – TICKETS (VIP & REGULAR)
  • MAR 3: BRUSSELS (BE), Made in Asia – INFO
  • MAR 4: BRUSSELS (BE), Made in Asia – INFO
  • MAR 4: (Evening) BRUSSELS (BE), Rock Classic (Free show in the evening)
  • MAR 5: BRUSSELS (BE), Made in Asia (Fan meeting only) – INFO
  • MAR 8: COLOGNE (DE), + SCARGOT, Blue Shell – TICKETS (VIP & Regular)| PAYPAL
  • MAR 11: [ONLINE EVENT] Live + interview, Japan FM, Paris
  • MAR 12: LIEGE (BE), + SCARGOT, Le Garage – TICKET (VIP & Regular) | PAYPAL
  • MAR 17: LILLE (FR), DIY Café – TICKETS (VIP & Regular) | PAYPAL
  • MAR 18: PARIS (FR), !!!! Le Klub
  • MAR 25: Paris Manga (Showcase)
  • MAR 31: PRAGUE (CZ), Chapeau Rouge – TICKETS (VIP & REGULAR)
  • APR 1: WARSAW (PL), Voodoo Club – (VIP & REGULAR)
  • APR 7: HAMBURG (DE), Astra Stube – TICKET | PAYPAL
  • APR 14: MARSEILLE (FR), La Salle Gueule | Tickets sur place uniquement
  • APR 15: TOULON (FR), Mang’Azur INFO
  • APR 17: MONTREUX (CH), Polymanga
  • APR 21: COPENHAGEN (DK), J-Pop Con
  • APR 22: BUDAPEST (HU), Mondocon
 * Guests in Berlin: Electrosexual, DUEL (Japan) & Autist


HIGHFeeL is proud to announce the first tour dates of the Japanese band PLASTICZOOMS for 2017, and the international release of their new album, on January 11.
After a first show in Hong Kong, PLASTICZOOMS will kick off the European leg of the tour with two shows in Berlin, their beloved city.
All the details regarding venues, guests, time schedule and tickets will be announced within the next weeks. Several shows all over Europe are still pending, and will be confirmed asap. 
For the updates please follow PLASTICZOOMS new website: www.plasticzooms.net & http://highfeel.jp !
·         FEB 18 HONG KONG (HK)
·         FEB 24 BERLIN (DE)
·         FEB 25 BERLIN (DE)
·         FEB 26 POZNAN (PL)
·         MAR 3: BRUSSELS (BE)
·         MAR 4: BRUSSELS (BE)
·         MAR 5: BRUSSELS (BE)
·         MAR 8: COLOGNE (DE)
·         MAR 9: AMSTERDAM (NL)
·         MAR 12: LIEGE (BE)
·         MAR 17: LILLE (FR)
·         MAR 18: PARIS (FR)
·         MAR 31 : PRAGUE (CZ)
·         APR 1 : WARSAW (PL)
·         APR 15 : TOULON (FR)
·         APR 17 : MONTREUX (CH)
·         APR 21: COPENHAGEN (DK)
·         APR 22: BUDAPEST (HU)
More gigs to be added soon!

Release date: 2017.1.11
Genre :  Alternative /  Dance
Track list:
·         01.Frontal Attack
·         02.The Future
·         03.Quite Cleary
·         04.Minds
·         05.Highway
·         06.U12
·         07.Night & Hurt
·         08.Smoke Motion
·         09.Veiled Eyes
·         10.Breitenbach

Country: JAPAN
Active since 2007
Combining elements of 70’s punk, 80’s post-punk, new wave, and gothic genres all into the core of a new sense of sound, they seek to establish themselves in ways beyond precedent in their native Tokyo scene.
Frontman Sho Asakawa, in keeping with the spirit of DIY, personally directs and produces their music, artwork, merchandise, and all other creative endeavors.
Active since 2007, PLASTICZOOMS could gather a loyal fanbase in their counry and outside. In 2015, they started their international activities.
Beginning to gain traction as fashion icons, the members of PLASTICZOOMS were featured models in the magazine THE REALITY SHOW, photographed by Nobuyoshi Araki. Soon after, PLASTICZOOMS collaborated during Tokyo Fashion Week with the trendsetting Japanese fashion company DISCOVERED, producing clothing and providing the soundtrack for the collection through the release of their second album, STARBOW. Additional collaborations around this time included jewelry with accessory brand JAM HOMEMADE and creative exchanges with UK streetwear brand LONG CLOTHING.
See footage from THE REALITY SHOW’s PLASTICZOOMS fashion photo shoot with Nobuyoshi Araki here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YqFgeatKwjs
With the 2013 release of PLASTICZOOMS’ third album, CRITICAL FACTOR, they went on to an unprecedented footwear collaboration with Shinya Yamaguchi.
2015: SHO became catalog model for the brand “Tata Christiane” in Berlin.
2014/15: TOM was featured as a catalog model for SHINYA YAMAGUCHI.
2016, SHO ASAKAWA appeared as a model for the latest collection of the brand MICHIKO LONDON (Harajuku Laforet Fashion Show).
Vocalist and designer SHO ASAKAWA develops his own brand, Venus Eccentric, and creates exclusive clothes for PLASTICZOOMS.
In June 2015, PLASTICZOOMS relocated to Berlin for a year. After having organized several shows in Berlin with local and international artists and DJs, they began their collaboration with the agency HIGHFeeL to release a new and exclusive physical EP (Veiled Eyes) and tour in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland.
In 2017, an international tour of around 20 shows will be organized and produced by HIGHFeeL, to celebrate the release of the brand-new album, “PLASTICZOOMS”.


Japanese loud rock band X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus (XMAS) released their new single & PV「CHOICE FOR FACE」this morning:
The PV was directed by our partner and friend Rie Kuboyama. 
CHOICE FOR FACE is the first single from XMAS’ new album, available from December 2nd! We’ll publish soon all the necessary information regarding pre-sales, artwork,…
The album will be previously available in Europe, during the  European Tour. 
EU Tour dates:
2 dec : BRUSSELS (BE), Rock Classic (free – Release party)
3 dec : AMSTERDAM (NL), CC Muziek Cafe
4 dec : BERLIN (DE), Hangar 49
9 dec (11AM) : FRANKFURT (DE) (11AM), EpicCon
9 dec (8PM) : ROUBAIX (FR), Bar Live 301
10 dec : LYON (FR), Japan Touch
11 dec : PARIS (FR), le Milord (Ticket: doors only)
Tour production: REALive
XMAS Official FB: https://www.facebook.com/xmas045/?fref=ts
XMAS Website: http://x-mas045.com/
Press & partners: feel free to contact us for any additional info.

MIKARU (G.L.A.M.S), solo concert + exhibition in Poland

mika ban

We are glad to announce a very special event, managed by our booking division REALive. Our long-lasting friend and partner MIKARU will perform as a solo artist on the main stage of the festival JAPANICON in Poznan, Poland, and exhibit his work as a painter, on October 8th, 2016.

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1614998642127993/


MIKARU (G.L.A.M.S) is a singer/songwriter from Tokyo, Japan, well-known for having been the leader and vocalist of the bands DIO – Distraught Overlord and Black Line. He started his multidisciplinary art project, G.L.A.M.S, at the end of 2013. He’s now active as a musician (solo & band), painter, and jeweler.

Mikaru started his career as a vocalist in the VK band DIO-Distraught Overlord, started in 2006 in the area of Tokyo, Japan, by the label Red-List Entertainment. It was only a few months before DIO’s dazzling breakthrough show at Japan Expo, Paris, France, in July 2007, and several successful international tours. DIO-Distraught Overlord became one of the very first Japanese visual-kei bands to play all over Europe, and they were able to quickly reach a very special status among the J-Rock fans everywhere. Even now, they remain a symbol of this very active and exuberant era for Japanese music in Europe. They came back for an ultimate revival tour in 2016.

Dio – Distraught Overlord : God Forsaken (2007):

After the break-up of DIO and the final show in 2009, MIKARU and DENKA (DIO’s drummer) gathered to create a new project, Black Line, with new members. MIKARU strayed from the dark, vampiric visual of DIO, to drift onto a new pop, glam style. He started to paint and design CD artwork. When Black Line came to an end, the roots of MIKARU’s long-prepared project, G.L.A.M.S, had already begun to grow.

WHITE MOTH1MIKARU announced the birth of G.L.A.M.S in December 2013 at Black Line’s last live. G.L.A.M.S made their official debut as a multidisciplinary project at an art exhibition in Paris, “Paris 7 Days”, where Mikaru exhibited his paintings and sang G.L.A.M.S first single, “Under the Moon”.

Besides MIKARU, G.L.A.M.S is composed of several ex-members of DIO and Black Line. DENKA (now called Syu) is the DJ and Drummer, while Erina (DIO) and Yudai (Black Line), are the current guitarists. The bassist, Tetsuto, is one of Mikaru’s closest friends. G.L.A.M.S performance on stage is variable, from a solo show to a full-band setup. In 2014 and 2015, G.L.A.M.S toured in Europe, while in 2016, they got their first tour in Latin America.
They released a mini-album, Under the Moon. MIKARU performed as a solo artist in Switzerland, in March 2016.

He will be back to Europe for an exclusive showcase in Poznan, Poland on October 8th, 2016. MIKARU will exhibit some of his oil paintings for the first time in Poland. The exhibition will be open for one day only;  some exclusive merchandise and art reproductions will be available.
No doubt that Mikaru’s deep and warm voice, along with his appealing stage performance, will make his Polish fans happy.

OFFICIAL FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Mikaru.GLAMS/?fref=ts

Booking/tour management/PR : REALive – https://highfeel.jp/realive



REALive is happy to bring back XMAS to Europe this winter (December 2016), for a short tour throughout Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. A new album will be released and presented during the tour.


  • 2 dec : BRUSSELS (BE), Rock Classic (free – Release party)
    3 dec : AMSTERDAM (NL), CC Muziek Cafe – TICKETS
    4 dec : BERLIN (DE), Hangar 49 – TICKETS
    9 dec (11AM) : FRANKFURT (DE) (11AM), EpicCon – INFO
    9 dec (8PM) : ROUBAIX (FR), Bar Live 301 – TICKETS
    10 dec : LYON (FR), Japan Touch – INFO
    11 dec : PARIS (FR), le Milord (Ticket: doors only)
*Some promotional dates and showcases may be added later. 


PLASTICZOOMS, after the tour… thank you!

PLASTICZOOMS 2016 After tour-1.jpgHIGHFeeL is glad to announce further works with the brilliant Japanese band PLASTICZOOMS. HIGHFeeL and PLASTICZOOMS have built over the past 3 months an excellent relationship and are looking forward to a continued fruitful collaboration. They want to deeply thank every media, partner, promoter, fan and friend involved in the recent European tour.



Recent press review:

“PLASTICZOOMS are like two bands in one: a guitar band with a ‘one, two, three, go!’ songs and an electronic band with distinctive vocals and unfailing bass. Beneath their image lay songs with flawless composition and perfectionism in their execution.”

Alive Reports, Belgium / http://www.alivereportsmag.com/plasticzooms-jap-ulster-page-fr-rock-classic-brussels-be-21-may-2016/

Rock Fanatics, Germany: http://www.rock-fanatics.de/fotos/plasticzooms-22-05-2016-yard-club-koeln/

IDFM Radio, France: https://www.mixcloud.com/Guaschor/idfm98-fr%C3%A9quence-guasch-26052016-part1-plasticzooms-negative-ritual/

Live report by 2 fans in Belgium:

There are bands, and there are bands. It started as a casual thing; we would go to Brussels to look at a band named PLASTICZOOMS for the first time. My expectations weren’t too high, considering that I had never listened to their music before. Oh boy, I had no idea what I was in for. After a while of losing face in front of my girlfriend playing table-soccer, she points out the singer of the band to me for the first time. Sho Asakawa. I instantly admired his style, somewhat dramatic and different from most J-bands I had seen before. I already began to look forward to seeing the band perform. I saw Tom Takanashi, the guitarist, and wondered how on earth he even saw where he was walking with those sunglasses on in an already dark café, but it suits him and brings an aura of mystique to his presence. Jun Yokoe, the bassist of the band is definitely the cutest of the band in my book at least.

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