S!N on tour : all dates & info

We are glad to begin collaborating with Japanese singer and composer S!N for his first tour in Europe. S!N is quickly gaining popularity in Japan thanks to his music, tours and strong internet presence, and we are honoured to introduce his project to an international audience.
We’ll organize the first solo shows of S!N for September 2017.


  • SEP 21, 2017: Vienna (Austria) – Replugged
  • SEP 22, 2017: Munich (Germany) – Garage Deluxe
  • SEP 23, 2017: Prague (Czech Republic) – Chapeau Rouge
  • SEP 24, 2017: Poznan (Poland) – Klub pod Minoga
  • SEP 27, 2017: Liège (Belgium) – Le Garage
  • SEP 29, 2017: Lille (France) – DIY Café
  • SEP 30, 2017: Paris (France) – Paris Manga (Porte de Versailles)

Tickets & info: https://highfeel.jp/events

S!N began building his brand online in July 2010. He quickly became an internet sensation in Japan, gaining 130,000 followers on Twitter, 20,000 on Instagram, and 37,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel NicoNico.
He released his first album, SNiSN, in September 2014, followed by Scalat!oN in 2015, prompting various artists invited him on their tours. In April 2016, S!N embarked on his own S!N LIVE TOUR 2016, performing concerts in 15 cities throughout Japan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.
His major debut album Salvation was released by UNIVERSAL MUSIC in June 2016. The tour schedule for S!N LIVE TOUR 2017 includes 23 cities in Japan and stretches from April to the end of July.
We are glad to organize the European leg of this tour for S!N’s first introduction to a Western audience.
As a vocalist, S!N entertains his fans with hardcore live performances. The lyrics of his songs, written by S!N himself, artfully express the complexities and difficulties of his own mind.
Songs, concerts, and official products are largely produced by S!N.

■Twitter 130,000 https://twitter.com/SiNxxx526
■Youtube 36,000 https://www.youtube.com/user/SiNxxx526/
■Instagram 20,000 https://www.instagram.com/sin_nrn/
■HP http://sin-official.net/

Jul 29,2016 : Major debut single”Salvation” (UNIVERSAL MUSIC)
Oricon Ranking : Daily Ranking TOP10/Weekly Ranking TOP14