Three questions for : Re’s

They will perform during our event FeeL HI! in Tokyo, on November 25th. Their leader is the guitarist and composer Ryo Fujimura. Together, they are Re’s. Let’s try to know more about this band…

Picture left to right

  • Bass:Pippi
  • Guitar/Vocal:Ryo Fujimura
  • Lead Vocal:DAIKI
  • Lead Guitar:HIROA

(Photo by Shin Kobayashi)

1.Can you please talk about your musical journey and describe your music genre/world, currently?

Ryo(Gt/Vo):Since my last solo tour in 2013, I tried to make a new band but failed many times. Finally I got “Re’s”, it’s my best band ever. I don’t know which “Genre” we’re in… The only thing I know is that we’re not popular, so we’re not in “J-Pop” category.(laugh) I don’t want to put myself in any cages so please ask it to Apple or Spotify or something like that…

HIROA(Lead Gt):We’re in “Rock”, we’re just a “Rock” band, brother.

2.Can you let us know what to expect from your show on Nov 25th?

Ryo:Well, this time our current drummer can’t play on the event due to his personal schedule. But my longtime friend “Syu” (G.L.A.M.S support) accepted our offer and will play drums for our stage!! We’ll play our newest songs and my old songs like “Echo”, it’ll be a better version than my solo work because it’s played by Re’s and Syu!! It’ll be a really SPECIAL show for the audience and us.

HIROA:It will be nice especially for Ryo and Syu-san’s fan. It’s the first time we play in this venue, I hope to get a good sound!

Pippi(Bass):I firmly believe our song quality is now at the highest level, you can expect to listen beautiful melodies and a graceful ensemble. For me it’s the first time to play on the stage with Syu-san, I’m excited and scared a little bit. (laugh)

DAIKI(Lead Vo):Yes,I totally agree that Pippi said.

Now we’re not famous so I don’t know what you expect from this nameless band, but our songs are really, really great, we’ll knock you down. Just see our show and judge us great or shit.

3.You are all part of the history of Ramen Events or HIGHFeeL, and you spent some time in Europe. Soon you’ll perform all together in Japan. How do you feel about it? Can you remind some memories of your career in Europe?

Ryo:I got so many great experiences and beautiful memories in my whole career.(AciD FLavoR to Ryo Fujimura, and Re’s). It’s quite difficult to say where was the best place or which concert was the most memorable, you know. I really love all countries and cities I visited with my Blue , and left Chibi-Ryo. I always thought I must be “a good Japanese man” when I stood on the front of the audience. Sometimes I was the “first real Japanese guy” for the people living there, I didn’t want to make them disappointed. So I tried to do my best anytime and hopefully I didn’t make anybody feels bad.

(You felt me strange? It’s okay because I was a stranger in your town!)

Ramen Events and HIGHFeeL helped all of us in so long long terms. They are really truly loving Japanese culture and music and musicians like us. Those seven beloved by Ramen Events and HIGHFeeL will play in the same venue, what a great event!! Here in Tokyo, we were maybe never gonna be playing in the same event because we’re categorized by our related venues or  management, and this determines where we play next and with who. But FEEL HI breaks this wall, what a great thing!!

Thanks for booking us to this wonderful event!! 🙂