sho DJSHO ASAKAWA is a Japanese fashion designer, model, composer, songwriter, leader of the post-punk band PLASTICZOOMS and DJ. He’s active since around 10 years in Japan, and started his international activities in 2015.

Combining elements of 70’s punk, 80’s post- punk, new wave, and gothic genres all into the core of a new sense of sound, they are PLASTICZOOMS. Frontman Sho Asakawa , in keeping with the spirit of DIY, personally directs and produces their music, artwork, merchandise, and all other creative endeavors.

SHO ASAKAWA DJ SET  (New wave/electro pop/EBM) – TRACKLIST


PLASTICZOOMS 2016 After tour-1

5 questions to Sho Asakawa

  • When did you break into the fashion world? At the age of 23 year old
  • When did you graduate from Tokyo Mode Gakuen? 10 years ago
  • A favourite designer? Malcolm McLaren
  • Inspiration? 70’s punk rock and 80’s new wave
  • Your concept?  “D.I.Y. spirit”

PLASTICZOOMS as a fashion brand & Venus Eccentric, by SHO ASAKAWA

“Playing cool music or wearing cool fashion is not enough. You need a combination of both.” That’s how Tokyo designer and musician Sho Asakawa described himself and his work in PLASTICZOOMS during an interview for MTV81 in 2013.*

sho asakawa


Music + fashion= PLASTICZOOMS

In about ten years of activities with PLASTICZOOMS as fashion designer, composer,
songwriter, DJ and model, Sho Asakawa remained true to his own ideals and accomplished many different projects: PLASTICZOOMS as a band, PLASTICZOOMS as a fashion brand, and Venus Eccentric, his own accessory line. By naming Venus Eccentric as an homage to the UK punk band NEON HEARTS, Sho Asakawa doesn’t hide his roots. The line represents the punk movement, with no shortage of spikes and leather. Venus Eccentric combines the codes of street wear with punk, goth and fetish elements, using the materials to create handmade necklaces, harnesses, leather wristbands and so much more, all designed and made by the Harajuku kid himself, Asakawa. The PLASTICZOOMS own clothes and accessories are closer in theme to the band’s imagery, including black and white artworks and the recurrent logo, tattooed on the creator’s arm.
The collections are always produced in limited numbers, and sold in alternative punk/shops in Tokyo.


The members of PLASTICZOOMS were featured models in the magazine THE REALITY SHOW, photographed by the legendary Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.**
Soon after, PLASTICZOOMS collaborated during Tokyo Fashion Week with the trendsetting Japanese fashion company DISCOVERED, producing clothing and providing the soundtrack for the collection through the release of their second album, STARBOW.
Additional collaborations around this time included jewelry with accessory brand JAM HOMEMADE and creative exchanges with UK streetwear brand LONG CLOTHING. With the 2013 release of PLASTICZOOMS’ third album, CRITICAL FACTOR, they went on to an unprecedented footwear collaboration with Shinya Yamaguchi.
In 2016, Sho Asakawa is model for MICHIKO LONDON.
See footage from THE REALITY SHOW’s PLASTICZOOMS fashion photo shoot with Nobuyoshi Araki here:
Venus Eccentric/SHO ASAKAWA